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Modern Country Guitars Vol 1
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Add a little modern country goodness to your tracks with “Modern Country Guitars Vol 1”.

This pack features 125 rhythmic and soulful loops played on acoustic guitar, electric Telecaster, slide guitar and pedal steel, arranged in easy to access loop sets.

These loops are perfect for addling a little warmth and authenticity to your tracks, either by dropping them in straight out of the box or with a little FX tweaking. Loops can be paired together to add a rich stereo vibe or used in mono tracks to add flavor to your tracks.

Pack includes:

  • 14 Acoustic guitar loops
  • 5 Telecaster loops
  • 13 Acoustic guitar loops
  • 5 Telecaster loops
  • 6 Banjo loops
  • 10 Acoustic guitar loops
  • 7 Pedal steel loops
  • 10 Acoustic guitar loops
  • 4 Pedal steel loops
  • 6 Acoustic guitar loops
  • 4 Dirty electric guitar loops
  • 3 Telecaster loops
  • 7 Acoustic guitar loops
  • 5 Slide guitar loops
  • 7 Telecaster loops
  • 7 Acoustic guitar loops
  • 5 Acoustic slide guitar
  • 7 Dirty electric guitar loops
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