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Trap & RnB Soul Vol 2
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'Trap & RnB Soul Vol 2' from Equinox Sounds

brings another set of four full beats broken down into Loops and Stems that will take you to the deepest side of Trap and RnB Soul music.

All the music you are hearing in the audio demo is included in the pack. Includes WAV and MIDI files. All the sounds are 100% Royalty-Free.

'Trap & RnB Soul Vol 2' will give you four truly inspirational beats broken down into individual Loops and Stems featuring drums, basslines, mellow synths, vintage keys and pianos, smooth pads, FX and much more. You'll get truly inspirational sound tools to build solid RnB and Soul Trap instrumentals.

The drum tracks are also supplied separately (kick, snare, hat, percussion, etc.) for perfect drum loop mixing.

The collection also includes the MIDI files for the melodic parts of the beats.

This pack will also help you learn the secrets of how all these sounds fit together to create a full, solid sounding tune.

You can get immediate results with the stem parts, simply listen to the master mix sample, choose the parts you want to use and within minutes you've got the base to a fantastic Trap & RnB Soul instrumental.

The loops parts are ready to drop right into your DAW with no editing required.

'Trap & RnB Soul Vol 2' will bring this new sound that has emerged and started to be recognized by people who love RnB and Soul infused Trap into your studio.

Product Details:

  • 4 Full Beats with Individual WAV Loops & Stems
  • Individual Loops & Stems Folders
  • MIDI Files for the Melodic Parts Included
  • BPM & Key Information Provided
  • BPM Range: 60-152 BPM
  • 24-Bit/44kHz Audio Quality
  • 100% Royalty-Free


  • WAV (24-Bit)
  • MIDI
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