License terms

How you are able to use the media is determined by the type of license you acquire at the time of purchase. The following provides an overview comparing the various licenses available.
For further details, please see the relevant license terms and conditions (Non-commercial | Commercial (Standard) | Commercial (Royalty Free))

Usage Non-commercial Commercial (Standard) Commercial (Royalty Free)
Private use
e.g. Private websites, home videos, playing songs in a private environment
Commercial websites
Maximum page views (per month)
500.000 Unlimited
Maximum number of downloads (per month)
10.000 Unlimited
Maximum number of streams (per month)
10.000 Unlimited
e.g. CD copies, DVD copies or print copies (total)
1.000 Unlimited
Maximum number of transmissions (total)
1 Unlimited
Maximum number of transmissions (total)
100 Unlimited
Public performances
Maximum size of audience (total)
100.000 Unlimited

The direct or indirect sale of the content is generally prohibited.

What’s the difference between “commercial” and “non-commercial” use?

Let’s say that you produced a song for your spouse or a friend and would like to play it for them on your home stereo or send it to them as an MP3 file? Or, that you have cut and edited a video of your latest family vacation and would like to integrate it into your private website?
These are all examples of our sounds, loops and video content being used for "non-commercial" use.

Our "commercial licenses”, on the other hand, grants you permission to commercially exploit our content within your work. Simply put, if you use any of our content to make money in any way, a commercial license is required.
A few examples of where a commercial license is required include:

In general, if content is to be presented outside of the private environment (a private, ad-free personal website, domestic stereo system, video projector etc.) and finds its way into the public domain, we recommend that users acquire a commercial license.

If you have any further questions about licensing and specific instances, please feel free to contact us at