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Big Beat - Blazin Energy
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Step into the electrifying realm of Big Beat with 'Big Beat - Blazin Energy',

a powerhouse sample loop library that takes you on a sonic journey through the iconic Big Beat styles that defined an era.

Inspired by legendary artists of this genre, such as The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, and Fatboy Slim, this collection encapsulates the essence of Big Beat's explosive energy.

With a hefty 1.3 GB of content, "Big Beat - Blazin Energy" packs a punch with 801 WAV loops that will set your music production ablaze. Each loop is meticulously crafted and thoughtfully labeled with tempo and key information, ensuring that you can seamlessly integrate them into your compositions.

This library doesn't just aim to emulate the Big Beat sound – it takes it a step further by offering loops predominantly in the key of E. This strategic choice unlocks a world of harmonic possibilities, allowing you to effortlessly layer, combine, and harmonize loops to craft an endless array of captivating variations. Whether you're creating immersive soundscapes, atmospheric textures, or emotive compositions, these loops are your canvas, ready to blend and resonate with one another in perfect harmony.

The content of "Big Beat - Blazin Energy" includes everything you need to infuse your music with the signature Big Beat vigor:

  • Drum Kits
  • Drum Mix Loops
  • Bassdrums
  • Snares
  • Hi-Hats
  • Ride Cymbals
  • Drum SFX
  • Drum Breaks
  • Synths
  • Basslines
  • Guitars
  • SFX Sound Loops
  • Vocal Loops
  • Talkbox Vocal FX

It's 100% royalty-free, freeing you from the constraints of copyright worries. You can dive headfirst into your music projects, whether they're personal creations or commercial releases, with complete peace of mind.

"Big Beat - Blazin Energy" isn't just a sample library; it's your ticket to channeling the explosive energy and timeless vibes of the Big Beat era. It's a tribute to the music that rocked dance floors and festivals, and it's here to fuel your creative fire. Get ready to ignite your music with this premium-quality, royalty-free sample loop collection, where the key of E unlocks a universe of sonic possibilities. Your Big Beat journey starts here!

All or some samples in this product have already been released in Ueberschall products.

  • 1,3 GB
  • 801 Wav Loops
  • Tempo & Key Labelled
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • Format: WAV
  • 24 Bit & 44.1 Khz
All loops are available as 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV files.
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