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Enhanced creativity for professional mixing & mastering

The coreFX Suite is the ultimate effect bundle with all the essential tools for professional sound design: It includes a rhythm effect for contemporary productions, five plug-ins for precise dynamic control, as well as three modulation effects for creating richness and space. All dynamic plug-ins display the dry and processed waveform in real time.

coreFX Utility

Streamline your editing process with our sleek and modern plug-in that enables essential editing tasks with the ability to automate parameters. Benefit from the massive collection of essential high-quality tools for professional editing.

coreFX VolumeFormer

A pump effect without complicated sidechain routing that is created by rhyhmically reducing and increasing the volume. The shape of the envelope, i.e., decrease and increase, as well as the modulation frequency, e.g., to match the beat, can be freely adjusted. This creates a gate or sidechain effect, which is frequently found in house and EDM as well as in rock and pop.

coreFX 2-Point-Compressor

This highly versatile compressor offers two input stages that compress peaks at various levels to different degrees depending on the settings. This allows, for example, particularly loud sections to be kept in check effectively, while the rest of the signal is only moderately attenuated. The audio signal cuts through the mix better without losing too much of its dynamics.

coreFX Compressor

The coreFX Compressor equalizes parts with different volume levels to create powerful mixes and smooth peaks. The sidechain filter and low-pass filter ensure the finer details. A number of compression options from subtle to heavy can be set without any problems.

coreFX Limiter

The quintessential mastering tool: The coreFX Limiter sets a maximum output level for an audio signal, which cannot be exceeded. Thanks to two variations of transparent clipping, it is possible to drastically reduce peaks and increase loudness without difficulty.

coreFX Gate

The coreFX Gate suppresses background noise such as static or crosstalk – for uninterrupted acoustic enjoyment. The gate can also work more discreetly using precise settings for threshold and decay times.

coreFX Expander The coreFX Expander works as a companion to a compressor and lets you achieve exceptional accentuated sound. Louder impulses can be further amplified and quiet ones made even quieter. The dynamic range of an audio signal is expanded and the envelope as well as the tonal character of the signal si changed.

coreFX Delay

From subtle to wild and clean to dub echo: Simulate both vintage and modern echo devices with coreFX Delay.

coreFX Chorus

Create fuller, warmer vocals, guitars and synths: Explore a range of classical chorus effects for both guitar-heavy ballads as well as futuristic alienated vocals for designing enthralling sound collages.

coreFX Flanger

Modulated copies of the audio signal are mixed together with the input signal to create metallic sonorous textures for surprising breaks and captivating leads.

The coreFX Suite includes the most important effects for mixing and mastering as well as dynamics and modulation – ready for any DAW. Clearly arranged, goal-oriented for practical application and highly effective. Bring creativity back to the heart of professional sound design.

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