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Soundtrack Loops intros DIY Synth Loops.

Soundtrack Loops is always on the lookout for esoteric sounds generated by circuit-bent instruments (Bent Beats), digital/analog hybrids (Linus Åkesson, C64 8-Bit Adventure), foley-derived experimental music and sound (SL titles produced by Edgar Lopez), and sounds that veer well off the beaten path.

Swedish DIY artist Albert Nyström builds and plays his own polyphonic synths and drum machines based on Teensy microcontroller boards (follow his adventures on YouTube…).

On DIY Synths, Albert showcases his recent synth and drum machine builds, which include a subtractive six-voice polysynth, and a freewheeling percussion generator with a very distinct mid-90s Warp music feel.

Sounds run the gamut from bone dry, to soaked in Teensy-generated reverb, which has a compelling sound all its own. Hand-played loops are organized into folders full of arpeggios, basses, drums, FX, pads, and stabs (80 to 140 BPM), and a folder full of one-shots is included as well for a total of 112 sounds.

The sounds themselves are as unique as the machines that made them—they occupy a zone between ultra-lo-fi squelch and lush modern synth textures, and the music is actually constructed with both types in mind.

Try DIY Synths if you’re looking for ways to bridge old and new forms of electronic music to arrive at interesting new places.

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