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Loops Unlimited
License: Subscription

The following special conditions of use apply to this license.

Unlimited loops. One affordable plan.

Experience true creative freedom: Discover more than 250.000 loops and samples with unlimited access to every MAGIX Soundpool in the Music Maker store. Enjoy weekly new releases from every genre known to music lovers.

A world of sounds at your fingertips.

From hard-hitting drums to ecstatic synth leads, from grimey 808 basslines to super sweet piano chords, from vocal phrases to high quality sound effects: You are spoilt for choice! Available in 7 tonal variations (A, Bb, C, D, E, F and G), most MAGIX loops and samples will always nicely fit your musical compositions. Experiment with different genres. Be creative - and do not ever worry about limits!


Which plan is right for me?

For maximum flexibility: Pick our monthly plan with no strings attached. For our best offer and greatest savings: Pick our annual plan at best value for money.

What exactly do I get as part of an active plan?

You may download any and all MAGIX Soundpools, MAGIX Soundpool Collections and MAGIX Sound FX Collections available in the Music Maker store and may use them in any of your Music Maker projects.

May I use the loops and samples for commercial purposes?

All loops and samples downloaded as part of an active plan may be used for any form of non-commercial useage. Additionally, commercial licenses can be acquired in the Music Maker store or through Producer Planet, our online store for audio and video content. Learn more about our commercial licenses on (Link:

What happens to downloaded loops and samples after I end my plan?

Even after your subscription has ended, your Music Maker projects will remain your property and continue to be usable. All files downloaded as part of an active subscription and used in your projects will no longer be loaded into or visible in the Arranger. Music Maker will notify you which files are from the Loops Unlimited subscription and are no longer available when loading a corresponding project. However, your Music Maker projects will still play and can be edited without these files. These Soundpools will immediately become available again in the projects after renewing or starting a subscription and then can be played and edited again.

How and when can I end my subscription?

We want to be as transparent as possible here. You can always end your subscription online in your MAGIX account. Monthly plans have to be ended 14 days prior to the end of a month's billing period; annual plans one month in advance. We are sure that once you have experienced the power of true creative freedom you will never want to miss your plan, again.

Requires Music Maker version or higher
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