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Modular Madness
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The sound of analog - it's Modular Madness!

ACID is proud to present you Modular Madness! As the Spotify playlists and radios are being flooded by superficial sounds of plugins and autotune, this massive ACID loop collection represents a long-awaited counterweight. Not only does it include hundreds of sequenced analog percussive rhythms, piercing chord stabs, mysterious melodic plucks and basslines at 120, 124 and 140bpm, it also comes along with an assortment of dark atmospheric pads, raw analog noises, powerful hits, wide enveloping drones, and mindbending FX sounds! All captured through state of the art British and American preamps carefully selected for their unique character.

This collection of one-shots and loops was recorded in the heart of Berlin by an internationally renowned techno-duo in their decadent project studio. The Kreuzberg synthesists have chosen a wide variety of sounds ranging from punchy pitch envelope plucks and light-hearted sequencer bleeps, to the eerie atmospheric filterings of their tried and tested modularsystem- where Westcoast synthesis techniques meet futuristic eurorack interpretations!

Their setup is filled with highly regarded modules amongst collectors and connoisseurs with boutique pieces like the "Complex Oscillator" made by the New York techno artist and synthesizer repair guru Mark Verbos to the re-issue of the sought after Serge Series. In the list of Modules below you will see they have developed a diverse Instrument not only capable of creating fat, raw, analog tones but also sequencing, folding, shaping and filtering them with the help of a a unique selection of classic and exotic modules.

No compromises were made throughout the recording process with the help of a variety of different precisely chosen preamps and AD converters to ensure the professional quality and musical flexibility of this sample pack. Brought to you by ACID in super high-res 96kHz or compact 44,1khz.

So don't sleep on this special chance to bring the Modular Madness into your next musical endeavor!

Modular Setup (excerpt):

VCOs: Cwejman VCO-2RM, Modcan FMVDO, Instruo Tš-L, Verbos Complex Oscillator, Synthesis Technologies E370, Analogue Systems RS-95E, WMD Phase Displacement Oscillator Filters: Synthesis Technologies Discrete OTA, cwejman QMMF-4 & MMF-6, Manhattan Analog Discrete SVVCF, Serge Variable Q VCF Misc: MakeNoise Maths, TipTop Z4000, cwejman ADSR-VC2, VPME Euclidean Circles, MLF Polly, Toppobrillo Triple Wave Folder, SSF Positronic Transient Gate, Hexinverter Mutant Kickdrum, MakeNoise Pressure Points, ADDAC Quintet, Happy Nerding 3x VCA & PanMix, Abstract Data Logic Boss, ladik B-010 & B-020, Snazzy FX Kitty Eyes, Vermona TAI-4 and many more.

All loops are 100% ACIDized and contain tempo and pitch information. These can be modified for each project and enable a workflow that's smoother than ever before.

Package contains:

695 Samples

725 MB (at 24 Bit, 44,1kHz) 1,53 GB (at 24 Bit, 96kHz)

  • 171 Loops 120 BPM
  • 114 Loops 124 BPM
  • 217 Loops 140 BPM
  • 27 Noise Loops
  • 111 Oneshot Loops
  • 55 Weird Stuff Loops
All loops are available as high-resolution WAV files in 24-bit/96 kHz or optionally as 24-bit/44.1 kHz WAV files.
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