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proDAD ReSpeedr V1
License: Commercial (Royalty Free)

100% Royalty Free. Unlimited rights for the useage of content in a commercial environment: i.e. CD oder DVD sales, in motion pictures, or through digital downloads and streaming services. Reselling content itself (either directly or indirectly) is prohibited.

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Create captivating super slow-motion recordings or time lapse films in outstanding quality.

With advanced technology for calculating intermediate images, such as motion flow tracking and dynamic field blending, your films can be edited in even greater detail. Instead of 120 images/second, work with speeds of 1,000 images/second and higher.

Perfect for emphasizing a specific moment in action-packed footage. Set keyframes any way you want and control the tempo of your film material with the easy-to-operate interface and integrated Timeline.

Whether you want to accelerate or decelerate film material, proDAD ReSpeedr V1 lets you define dynamics for your film with absolute precision.

It's an impressive tool for video enthusiasts who want to give their recordings a one-of-a-kind touch using super slow-mo, time lapse and hyperlapse effects.

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