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Soul Trip
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Soundtrack Loops intros Soul Trip Vocals, Melodies, & Rhythms.

Soul Trip: Vocals, Melodies, & Rhythms is the Soundtrack Loops sophomore effort (following the neo-soul Dream Lounge slow jam construction kit) from Las Vegas production team Ethan Martin and (Sabrina) Seids, who both sing as well as work the controls—follow them at Instagram (amartinrnb, seids, respectively) to learn more.

Soul Trip follows the pair on their chill soul desert journey, and features 226 loops and 10 one shots sorted by beats, basses, vocals (male and female), synths, keys and FX. Compared to Dream Lounge, Soul Trip leans very gently toward more energetic pop—with beats that access rock, swing, and even relaxed soca-like patterns—while still maintaining the super laidback and distinctly dreamy feel that makes this team’s music so appealing.

Ethan and Seids are smart, friendly, and very easy to listen to. They keep it pretty simple but it’s never boring, and this is a trick for sure. The hooks are strong yet utterly unpretentious, and the production style is clean and crisp.

Good sample libraries are inspiring, and Soul Trip is especially so—the compositional strength, sonic depth, and great library design in play here will certainly take you to some interesting places—this music is as expansive as the desert bloom it was created in; it’s made of 100% R&B DNA, but it’s curiously absent of urban stress—location, location, location!

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