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Synth Fuel Vol 1
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Synth Fuel Vol. One

is a massive, one gigabyte collection of , you guest it, Synths.

This volume focuses on Arpeggiations and Pads. Nothing but the best in Analog and Analog Modeling hardware synths were used. The Arpeggiators folder is 131 files deep and includes both leads and bases.

Each Arpeggiator loop was recorded at 110 BPMs and sustained for a minimum of four measures in 4/4 time and performed in two octaves (two of the following three: A1,A2, & occasionally A3).

The purpose of this structure is to give you more flexibility of use within your software application of choice. The Pads folder is 50 loops deep using the same structure. There is a slight difference here and it is that each pad loop is performed in both a major and minor triad where as the Arpeggiators are all sustained single notes.

All of the Arps and Pads have a root note of A at various octaves on the keyboard with a majority at A1 and A2. Next we have the SFX folder. This folder contains 10 Sound Effects such as builds, swooshes, transitions, bleeps, and sweeps recorded at 110 BPMs.

Now let's move on to the Synthworks folder. This folder is 45 loops recorded at both 100 and 110 BPMs. Synthworks is an excellent bonus selection of Arpeggiations and simple lead performances all with a root not of C. Some beats have been thrown in for good measures. You'll get 120 assorted beats ranging from 80-120 BPMs. Genres include Downbeat, Hip Hop, Breaks, House, and Live.

To top it off we have our Percussion folder. This folder is 80 loops of exotic world percussion performed and recorded live in the Transalarm studio Chicago. Each of the percussion loops was performed at 80 BPMs.

Whew! You will never need a single Synth Pad or Arpeggiation loop again. Be sure to get both Synth Fuel Volumes (Synth Fuel V. 2 Drones & FX) because together they make on unstoppable force of synth material. A total of 445 Files.

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